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Model Schooner now on Display at Brigus, NL


Model of the schooner "Effie M. Morrisey", in a weather-tight, outdoor display case.  This model was constructed from a copy of the actual blueprints of the real "Effie M. Morrisey", an 1894 Grand Banks schooner, which was once under the command of Captain Bob Bartlett.   The vessel is still in service today, sailing under the name "Ernestina".

Boat Size:  

6' long x 4' 8" high x 1' 9" wide  (183 cm x 142 cm x 55 cm).

Model Constructed by:

William Northover, Clarenville, NL.

Model Age:

Built in 1998.


7' 4" long x 7' 10" high (224 cm x 239 cm),  Case is made of unbreakable Lexan with metal frame.


Clarenville, NL.

Present Owner:

Norman Drodge.